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Document China Photography Project

I am doing a big project called Document China. The mission is to build an image bank covering all major Chinese tourism destinations in 5 years.

The image bank will of course include landscape shots, but the focusing point is to record the life of the locals. I am going to interview 10 households every city/town I visit.

My project schedule for the first year (July 2006 - Sep 2007) is as follows:


Document China Year 1 Schedule

Time Destination
Jul - Sep2006 Shanghai and adjacent areas
Oct 2006 Jiu Zhai Gou, Sichuan province
Nov 2006 Xi'an and adjaccent areas
Dec 2006 free time
Jan - Feb 2007 Harbin and Northeastern China
Mar 2007 Gui Lin
Apr 2007 Lahsa, Tibet
May 2007 Ping Yao, Shang Xi province
Jun 2007 free time
Jul - Sep 2007 Beijing
Year 2 schedule to be decided in view of year 1 progress


Exhibitions and book publications will make Document China known to more people. If you are from the press / galleries and willing to help out, please contact me.

I am also seeking chances to document Document China project itself. Please contact me if  you are the producer of documentary film or you are the experienced video cameraman.  Thank you.